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Another day in a boring town


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Welcome to Babylon. Not much to see here.

Join the community if you wish, it's for the kids in the tiny town of Babylon.

Rules (there aren't many)

1. Don't be an asshole. Don't try to start shit, don't say shit to piss people off. This rule has changed. You can post what you want, just nothing illegal. But if you try to start too much shit, I can and will ban you. So don't do anything to piss me off. :)

2. Edit: you don't have to be from babylon to join, but this is more or less meant from people who currently live here or used to live here, or visit very frequently and usually hang out in Babylon more than anything, not using it for the corner store.

3. Let's try keeping the topics Babylon-related. Have a picture from a Babylon event you'd like to share? Go for it. Have a story? Enlighten us. Anything goes. It can be school-related, or a party. It could be a night in town, or HAWLEYS! night. GO TO HELL WITH YOURSELF! This isn't necessarily a rule, but an idea. It doesn't really matter what you talk about. Just don't post useless and pointless shit.

In any event, have fun.

and remember.

Babylon always hits.