Moose J. Finklestein (mizmoose) wrote in teh_babylon,
Moose J. Finklestein

So xstatic_starsx was wondering why the #*(% I joined here. I graduated BHS in '81 and haven't been back to the 'GIsland since the late '80s. Last summer was my 20th reunion and I couldn't make it, I was so bummed. I was looking forward to seeing the place again. Hopefully there will be a 25th, or I'll otherwise find a way to come back.

I'm sure Babylon has changed drastically in the past years. I remember reading somewhere about there being a sushi place on Deer Park Ave and that kinda freaked me out. When I was really little there was a supermarket {A&P} on Deer Park Ave but it closed around 1970. Babylon always felt -tiny- to me.

Do they still take the senior class photo at the waterfalls at Argyle? One time in the late '70s the village idiots decided to paint the falls. So they stopped the water from falling over them and painted them this BRIGHT turquoise blue. It took at least a month to do. When they were finally done they let the water start again. Two days later all the paint was gone. Apparently the either didn't seal it right or they used something that wasn't waterproof....

They used to make us run around that stupid lake for gym class, too, when the weather was nice enough. Goddamned geese shit!

Many of the teachers I had are probably long gone, I know some have died. Mike Lobasso was my social studies teacher for at least 3 of my years now, last I heard he's now principal. I just can't imagine him not stalking around the room with a pointer, slamming it on people's desks and yelling, "TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN!"

I'm sure I can dredge up other memories of ancient history, if y'all are interested. If not... o well :-).
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