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yo i hate babylon, it messed up my life, because i went to school with all these stupyd deuche bags, who would suck cock for 2 dollars.

not that i cared, i thought that was stupid!

at anyrate, Veswani was cool, i wonder if she's still there, totally nuts. Would talk about Vishnu & UNICEF, and was the smartest person in the school. aside, from that & the resource room. Everyone was an idiot

Made me write crappy poetry & fill up journals with it too! Oh well, Dan Deacon was from Babylon, so thats not too bad.... he's all hot shit now, some avant-garde composer playing with the big names, whatever happend to frances you is beyond me, she was annoying as hell, annoying to the point of charm!

not that anyone here would know her, shes was(?) in the class of '99..... god i feel old.

fuck babylon, the heart of it all has it all babylon = bullshit, go step in some goose shit.
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